Our Philosophy

Manav Mandir ni seva….

  • Here at Amba Health Centre & Hospital (AHCH), we believe in treating patient as a whole. We look at an individual’s over all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being while recommending treatment. We believe in stimulating the body to heal itself.
  • In order to live a sound, peaceful and disease free life, it is important to strike a balance amongst all the internal as well as external factors affecting the human body.
  • Our Doctors’ motto is the well-being of the patient and not the justification of any one or few treatments. We have a balanced view in assessing the pros and cons of each remedy provided here and use a combination of them when required to deliver the best patient care.
  • The ‘Heart’ and ‘Soul’ of Amba Health Centre & Hospital (AHCH) is the team of dedicated Doctors who work voluntarily, heartily, with sincerity and purity. They share a deep commitment to provide compassionate and quality care to all.
  • Medical services here are provided at a subsidized rate.
  • Amba Health Centre & Hospital (AHCH) has been a means of attaining Dadashri's vision of ‘May the whole world attain peace and happiness, May some attain ‘Ultimate Liberation’.