• The conventional form of medical practice is termed as Allopathy. Allopathy means a treatment “opposing the suffering”. It is evidence based medicine and often referred to as modern medicine.
  • The purpose of modern medicine is to relieve suffering. This is done by diagnosing the cause of suffering using skilled knowledge of history taking to know about the onset of the problem and also taking the aid of modern techniques and diagnostic tools like X-ray, blood tests, urine tests etc.
  • In achieving the goal of healing, a doctor has many aids, like therapeutic drugs, physiotherapy, surgery, psychotherapy and most important lifestyle reform.
  • As newer machines, techniques and concepts arrive in each field by the speed of light, a Doctor needs to keep up to date so that he can use these new additions to benefit his patients.
  • That is why study and experience both go hand in hand in helping modern medical professionals to do what they do best, “healing”. 
  • Our doctors believe that no patient should leave us feeling that he must “live with it”.