Do you feel isolated or left out in conversations? Do you avoid social interactions? Do you find yourself turning the volume up every time you watch TV? Does your family complain that you are not understanding them? Do you often ask people to repeat themselves? Do you get frustrated in noisy environment or when two people are talking at the same time?

If you answered yes, to any of the above questions, you should get your hearing checked by a professional audiologist.


Hearing loss can occur in children or adults. It can be by birth or an acquired loss.

Why is it important to improve your hearing?

With improved hearing you can gain a sense of control over your life. There is ease of communication which leads to improved social interaction and emotional stability.

Many people in India have a hearing loss, but not all of them get the help they need. At Amba Health Centre and Hospital an audiologist works with you to provide patient centered care in the prevention, identification, diagnosis and treatment of hearing and balance disorders.

If you have a hearing issues the audiologist will:

  • Assess your hearing
  • Once the audiologist tests your hearing, you will be informed if you need hearing aids.
  • If you need hearing aids, options of appropriate hearing aids will be shown to you.
  • If you choose to buy the hearing aids, the hearing aid/aids will be programmed to your hearing loss (Chargeable)
  • Counseling regarding the care and maintenance of hearing aid will be provided.
  • You can choose to purchase hearing aid batteries from us as well.


Hearing aids can help treat many types of hearing loss problems. However, hearing aids do not help everyone with hearing loss. A cochlear implant may be an option. An audiologist can help you find out if a cochlear implant will help you.