Dietician Clinic

Dietetics is the science that deals with the adequacy of diets during normal life and modifications required during diseased states. It is about healthy eating practices which act as a preventive and curative means and paves the foundation for a healthier life. Food is essential for life, it not only helps to satisfy hunger pangs but also provides a wide variety of nutrients. Health of an individual depends to a great extent on nutritional status.

At Amba Health Centre & Hospital (AHCH), the Dietary Services takes care of the needs of In-patients as well as Out-patients.

In-patients are provided with therapeutic diet plans according to varying disease conditions. The diet prescribed is written and handed over to the patient/relative of the patient. The patient and the patient’s relative are educated about the specific diet prescribed so as to achieve the set realistic goals which will enable a state of wellness.

For out-patients, personalized food plans are given for chronic conditions like Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Dyslipidaemia, GI disturbances etc by considering disease specific dietary restrictions, occupational constraints, fitness and stress levels.

Our care process involves:

  • Individual assessment to understand the medical, social and physiological conditions so as to take care of the medical problems scientifically.
  • Appropriate nutrition diagnosis and providing tailored diet plans.
  • Regular monitoring and modification of the prescribed diet plan in accordance with the progress made.

It is our aim to establish and encourage good nutritional practices and standards as an integral part of the health care provided to patients served by Amba Health Centre & Hospital (AHCH).