Ophthalmology and Optometrist

Our experienced optometrist/optician will guide you at every step of your vision care. 

The optometrist will:

  • Counsel regarding examination and management of ocular and visual findings.
  • Prescribe optical aids, presently eye glasses.
  • Advice and follow-up care regarding optical aids.
  • Interact, work and refer to our visiting ophthalmologist.
  • Interact with the optical manufacturing industry according to prescription.
  • Guide you to choose correct eye glass frames depending upon your face shape, size, colour and prescription.
  • Various lens coating, bifocals, photo chromatic etc. are available.
  • Glasses are dispensed at discounted rate.


Optical Shop


Slit Lamp Examination


Humphrey Perimetry for Visual fields check

Our team of general ophthalmologist, cataract surgeon, Retina specialist is available to address your eye problems, diagnose & offer eye care solutions for disorders like

  • - Refractive Errors
  • - Acute Red Eye
  • - Dry Eyes
  • - Allergic Eye Disorders
  • - Minor injuries & Removal of Foreign Particle from the eye.
  • - Glaucoma
  • - Cataract
  • - Pterygium
  • - Diabetic Retinopathy
  • - Age Related macular Degeneration
  • - Retinal Detachment
  • - Various other Retinal problems.